Where numerous departments border on each other, generalist Tina Kammer mediates between their interfaces. As a creative motivator, she is able to cross borders of isolated topics. Thanks to her wide-range experiences and talent, she is able to clearly show the larger picture of our networked and complex world.

Beste Aussichten

13/03/2023/by InteriorPark.

Let’s start now

03/11/2022/by InteriorPark.

Use what is

02/11/2022/by InteriorPark.

Sounds good

23/08/2022/by InteriorPark.

Use what is

22/08/2022/by InteriorPark.


16/08/2022/by InteriorPark.

Sustainable design – call to action

12/07/2022/by InteriorPark.

The end becomes the beginning

30/03/2022/by InteriorPark.

Precious Re:Built

30/03/2022/by InteriorPark.

Let’s transform together

30/03/2022/by InteriorPark.

Let’s rock

06/09/2021/by InteriorPark.

Hidden Champions: Sustainability as quality feature

06/09/2021/by InteriorPark.

Chance: Sustainability

06/09/2021/by InteriorPark.

bdia impuls. hello again

30/08/2021/by InteriorPark.

Let’s transform together

27/04/2021/by InteriorPark.

Lecture about sustainable developments in design

08/03/2021/by InteriorPark.


19/10/2020/by InteriorPark.

Architects Day Hessen 2020 – Live Stream

19/10/2020/by InteriorPark.

Jury Member Designpreis Focus Open

16/10/2020/by InteriorPark.

Jury Member German Sustainability Award

28/09/2020/by InteriorPark.

Lecture “IN BETWEEN”

24/06/2020/by InteriorPark.

Lecture EU Design Days 2019

21/10/2019/by InteriorPark.

Workshop Design Center Baden-Württemberg

24/06/2019/by InteriorPark.

Lecture Design Fair blickfang 2019

16/03/2019/by InteriorPark.

ISH Guided Tour «Contemporary & Holistic»

13/03/2019/by InteriorPark.


15/09/2018/by InteriorPark.

Key Note Exhibition Opening

04/05/2018/by InteriorPark.

Lecture Design Fair blickfang 2018

18/03/2018/by InteriorPark.

Lecture Building Fair

22/04/2017/by InteriorPark.

Lecture design fair Blickfang 2017

18/03/2017/by InteriorPark.

Domotex Talk 2017

17/01/2017/by InteriorPark.

Panel Discussion Heimtextil 2017

12/01/2017/by InteriorPark.

Lecture Blickfang Fair 2016

17/03/2016/by InteriorPark.

Lecture Architectural Association Marseille

08/03/2016/by InteriorPark.

Lecture University Hohenheim

24/11/2015/by InteriorPark.

Lecture Marketing Club Stuttgart

12/11/2015/by InteriorPark.

Lecture Creative After Work 2015 Pforzheim

21/09/2015/by InteriorPark.

Lecture Green Product Award Berlin

08/06/2015/by InteriorPark.

Expert Talk Heldenmarkt Fair Frankfurt

17/02/2015/by InteriorPark.

Lecture EHI Marketing Forum Cologne

26/11/2014/by InteriorPark.

Lecture Kick-off Event Bionic Center

21/11/2014/by InteriorPark.

Lecture World Green Building Week 2014

22/09/2014/by InteriorPark.

Lecture Orgatec 2014 Pecha-Kucha, Design Post Cologne

17/07/2014/by InteriorPark.

Internet World Shop Award 2014

21/05/2014/by InteriorPark.

Lecture at Design Post Cologne

14/05/2014/by InteriorPark.

Lecture EUROSHOP 2014

20/02/2014/by InteriorPark.

Workshop: Healthy Interior Design

19/12/2013/by InteriorPark.

Lecture Heldenmarkt Fair Stuttgart 2013

03/11/2013/by InteriorPark.

Architekturschaufenster Panel Discussion Karlsruhe

18/10/2013/by InteriorPark.

Symposium Hessendesign Darmstadt 2013

27/09/2013/by InteriorPark.

Expertentalk Fair Ecostyle Frankfurt

24/08/2013/by InteriorPark.

Lecture Ecostyle Fair Frankfurt

24/08/2013/by InteriorPark.

DESIGN MATERIAL PRODUCTION „textile bio-based materials design challenge“

06/05/2013/by InteriorPark.

Lecture Blickfang fair 2013

17/03/2013/by InteriorPark.

BMW Workshop “Materials and Colours of the Future”

21/02/2013/by InteriorPark.

InteriorPark. deligation trip to Quatar 2012

15/10/2012/by InteriorPark.

Lecture KAP Forum Cologne 2012

27/06/2012/by InteriorPark.

Lecture Roundtable greenpartner Munich

09/05/2012/by InteriorPark.

Lecture at Marketing Forum Hannovermesse

23/04/2012/by InteriorPark.

Workshop series biobased materials

13/12/2011/by InteriorPark.

Lecture Dekumo Fair Stuttgart

09/11/2011/by InteriorPark.

Lecture Design Center – House of Economics Stuttgart

26/10/2011/by InteriorPark.

Lecture Blickfang Fair 2011

12/03/2011/by InteriorPark.