September 22, 2022

05:00 – 09:30 pm

Landsberger Allee 99c
10407 Berlin

Keynote Tina Kammer

We spend around 90 % of our time indoors. What we usually don’t realise is that the air in our buildings is often worse: The air in our buildings is often worse than even on busy roads. So we need indoor spaces that are not only less bad, but really healthy for us humans. Our Berlin C2C LAB shows how this can work. We have renovated it according to Cradle to Cradle – recyclable and material-healthy.


17:15 Registration for LAB tour 1
17:30 & 20:30 LAB guided tours (approx. 20 minutes each).

If you are interested in the tours, please register via the registration form and make sure you are there on time. Thank you!

18:00 Admission & Registration
18:30 Welcome: Executive Board I C2C NGO

18:45 Keynote: Prof. Tina Kammer I Dipl. Ing. Architect I InteriorPark.

19:05 Best Practice: Product development I WINI Büromöbel GmbH & Co. KG & PNZ-Produkte GmbH
19:30 Panel Talk: Interior architects & product designers in conversation
20:10 Open discussion
20:30 End of program & time for networking