InteriorPark. is the leading platform for curated, sustainable design and architecture.

We think that our interior spaces need to be optimized. They need to be healthy and sustainable. To achieve that, we bring players from different professions together in a holistic concept online and offline for the topic area sustainable architecture and design. We network and promote the international exchange between planners, manufacturers, B2C and B2B.

We focus on interior environment and the optimization of indoor climate. Accordingly our team of architects and sustainability experts handpick all products regarding clear, transparent sustainability criteria.

We recommend products. We offer orientation.

Thereby we put the emphasis on class instead of mass and work only with partners their attitude we appreciate.

The targeted group of architects, interior designers and business clients trust our long-term experiences and profound know-how. Our platform is often used as an exclusive source of research and inspiration. Sustainability means more to us than just to talk about.

Our marketing activities across different channels includes beside our platform also international lecture events, close collaborations with magazines and social media.