Belle, Coral, Beau, Drop or Floral – the luminaires by David Trubridge live up to what
their names promise: They enchant us with their delicate bamboo elements which cast
shadow plays onto the walls and allow perspectives through, out of and into them.

Thanks to their attractive language of colour and form, one can hardly resist their spell.
Behind David Trubridge is a creative team of 24 people in New Zealand who are dedicated
to the issue of sustainability: The material that is mainly used is Chinese bamboo
from regenerative stocks of trees, the headquarters was constructed in a resource-saving
way and this concept is consistent right up to the shipment: The products are dismantled
into their individual components to save space and shipped in recyclable packaging.

Tina Kammer



After enjoying a heyday among the Bauhaus architects, for quite some time linoleum
was considered to be a rather boring solution for floors. Entirely unjust and, fortunately,
already history! Its advantages have been rediscovered long since and it is allowed to
prove itself in a wide variety of applications.

With its wood-effect décor, NatureCore is even a genuine competitor for parquet. The DLW Flooring company rich in tradition does not neglect the issue of sustainability at its headquarters in Swabian Bietigheim
either and attaches much importance to using natural, recycled, reusable and low-emission
raw materials.

By the way: The manufacturer’s logo reminding of a linocut was designed by none other than Willi Baumeister in the 1920s – a true classic!

Andrea Herold