Healthy spaces and a pleasant indoor environment, innovative and sustainable building materials and its use in current projects are important issues. We collect interesting articles and publishings about these issues.

Milan Design Week 2022

15/06/2022/by InteriorPark.

Natural Materials

19/04/2021/by InteriorPark.

The appropriate flooring

16/04/2021/by InteriorPark.

Forbo Linoleum Marmoleum

04/11/2020/by InteriorPark.


09/09/2020/by Interiorpark

Rethink Future

09/09/2020/by Interiorpark


17/06/2020/by InteriorPark.

If not now, when?

09/04/2020/by InteriorPark.

Research Ethiopia

03/04/2020/by InteriorPark.

Welcome to the jungle

24/01/2020/by InteriorPark.

Entrepreneurs for Future

04/12/2019/by InteriorPark.

EU Design Days Follow Up

04/12/2019/by InteriorPark.


03/10/2019/by InteriorPark.

Architecture creates more problems than it solves

29/12/2018/by InteriorPark.

Innovative wall creations

28/12/2018/by InteriorPark.

Green Walls – Vertical Gardens

26/12/2018/by InteriorPark.

Listen and wonder

21/12/2018/by InteriorPark.

Feel good aspect: indoor climate

21/12/2018/by InteriorPark.

16th Architecture Biennale Venice 2018 | Giardini

30/05/2018/by InteriorPark.

16th Architecture Biennale Venice 2018 | Arsenale

30/05/2018/by InteriorPark.

Living with Water

30/05/2018/by InteriorPark.


29/05/2018/by InteriorPark.

Real luxury is green!

21/05/2018/by InteriorPark.

London 12.2017

21/12/2017/by InteriorPark.

Dutch Design Week 2017

21/10/2017/by InteriorPark.

documenta 14

21/09/2017/by InteriorPark.


17/08/2017/by InteriorPark.

Sustainable interiors in a nut shell

21/03/2017/by InteriorPark.

Sustainable Design Directory No. 2

21/12/2016/by InteriorPark.

Sustainable Design Directory No. 1

21/12/2015/by InteriorPark.

Convincing lighting solutions: healthy and sustainable

14/04/2015/by InteriorPark.

hülsta booth imm Cologne 2015

27/01/2015/by InteriorPark.

Showroom Philippin Plattenbeläge AG Swizzerland

27/12/2013/by InteriorPark.