Healthy spaces and a pleasant indoor environment, innovative and sustainable building materials and its use in current projects are important issues. We collect interesting articles and publishings about these issues.

Acoustic panels with a negative CO2 footprint

13/12/2021/by InteriorPark.

Natural Materials

19/04/2021/by InteriorPark.

The appropriate flooring

16/04/2021/by InteriorPark.

Forbo Linoleum Marmoleum

04/11/2020/by InteriorPark.


09/09/2020/by Interiorpark

Rethink Future

09/09/2020/by Interiorpark


17/06/2020/by InteriorPark.

If not now, when?

09/04/2020/by InteriorPark.

Research Ethiopia

03/04/2020/by InteriorPark.

Welcome to the jungle

24/01/2020/by InteriorPark.

Entrepreneurs for Future

04/12/2019/by InteriorPark.

EU Design Days Follow Up

04/12/2019/by InteriorPark.


03/10/2019/by InteriorPark.

Troldtekt CSR Report 2018

27/05/2019/by InteriorPark.

Architecture creates more problems than it solves

29/12/2018/by InteriorPark.

Innovative wall creations

28/12/2018/by InteriorPark.

Green Walls – Vertical Gardens

26/12/2018/by InteriorPark.

Listen and wonder

21/12/2018/by InteriorPark.

Feel good aspect: indoor climate

21/12/2018/by InteriorPark.

16th Architecture Biennale Venice 2018 | Giardini

30/05/2018/by InteriorPark.

16th Architecture Biennale Venice 2018 | Arsenale

30/05/2018/by InteriorPark.

Living with Water

30/05/2018/by InteriorPark.


29/05/2018/by InteriorPark.

Real luxury is green!

21/05/2018/by InteriorPark.

London 12.2017

21/12/2017/by InteriorPark.

Dutch Design Week 2017

21/10/2017/by InteriorPark.

documenta 14

21/09/2017/by InteriorPark.


17/08/2017/by InteriorPark.

Sustainable interiors in a nut shell

21/03/2017/by InteriorPark.

Sustainable Design Directory No. 2

21/12/2016/by InteriorPark.

Sustainable Design Directory No. 1

21/12/2015/by InteriorPark.

Convincing lighting solutions: healthy and sustainable

14/04/2015/by InteriorPark.

hülsta booth imm Cologne 2015

27/01/2015/by InteriorPark.

Showroom Philippin Plattenbeläge AG Swizzerland

27/12/2013/by InteriorPark.