FSB. It’s in your hands.

FSB sees buildings, furnishings and interior fitments as being a single (artistic) entity to which shape is lent by their style and function as well as by the aesthetic, emotional and utilitarian value they acquire as a result. Our commitment to comprehensively conceived architecture and expertise in the sphere of classic hardware add up to a product portfolio that allows FSB to supply anything in any way linked to handle culture in built spaces from a single source. FSB delivers ideal hardware solutions for the complete door (or window) unit. Its products are exquisitely fashioned, invariably boast the finest of surface finishes, and their mutual functioning is precision-coordinated. They may be flush-recessed or traditionally surface-mounted, straight or round-cornered, operate with roses or a variety of backplates, or they may be fittings that come in for particularly robust handling (AGL® “heavy duty”).

Emergency exit devices pursuant to EN 179 or EN 1125 and bespoke solutions for fire and smoke-check doors are just as much part of the range as is hardware for tubular-frame, entrance or large-format terrace and sliding doors for architectural schemes predicated upon transparency. Neither would we wish to omit our solutions for wholly or partly glazed sliding doors. FSB always has just the right solution to hand.

Design, convenience, function – FSB’s barrier-free ErgoSystem® for sanitary areas and bathrooms

FSB’s ErgoSystem® makes day-to-day life palpably easier. Handicapped or elderly persons appreciate the way it supports their capacity for self-sufficiency. At the same time, its exhaustive repertoire also includes products tailor-made for those who simply desire a bit more convenience, products which, once used, they will never wish to do without again. The system is an ideal means of helping people help themselves and thus also possesses a strong social component. By promoting activity and conveying a sense of safety, it improves the quality of users’ lives. The diagonal-oval ErgoSystem® rigorously observes the laws of ergonomics. Form and function are as one in ErgoSystem products. Its slanting oval rails are particularly convenient to grip hold of ergonomically speaking. Their design echoes the human anatomy. The principal design features of the functional rail system are uniformly replicated in the complementary accessories, thus allowing shower, bath, washstand and WC areas to be consistently designed throughout. The ErgoSystem® A100 line contains solutions in powder-coated aluminium and facilitates new, original, yet coherent design schemes by dint of a portfolio of various shades of grey plus silver and white. ErgoSystem® E300, by turn, denotes the premium line in Stainless Steel, available in either a Brushed Satin Matt or Polished finish, that accords the established interior material “Stainless Steel” a sparkling new presence in bathrooms. Rounding off FSB’s in-depth “bathroom product” portfolio is the puristically and geometrically designed METRIC® accessory line – likewise manufactured in Stainless Steel.

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