Loof stands for wooden furniture, made from honest materials with a natural finishing and a serene geometry, for quality and timeless designs that you will cherish for years to come. With Loof Living and Loof Sleeping, Loof focuses on the entire house – from living room to bedroom and everything in between. The refreshing lightness of the furniture as well as the comfortable aesthetics make the pieces relevant for every corner in every room.

Our furniture company consists of founder Ward van Zandvoort (1977) and the young and passionate Loof team. We share a perfect sense of style and are convinced that living is more pleasant in a beautiful and personal home.

Started as third generation bed maker, Ward van Zandvoort made his dream come true: establishing his own brand. Attention to detail and quality come naturally to Ward – he grew up with it. Above all, Ward believes in the vital importance of cooperation.

In 2008 Ward started a bedroom furniture brand – the name ‘Trecompany’ referring back to the bed makers-history of his family. In Spring 2016 the brand is renamed Loof and the first steps are taken to enter other rooms besides the bedroom.

Natural healthy furniture

Website: http://www.loof.nl/