It is the combination of tradition and innovation that characterizes Findeisen: Established in 1921 in the South German town of Ettlingen, the company Findeisen is by now world market leader in commercial needled carpets and sells its products “Made in Germany” all around the world.

The company takes the values and tasks it embodies as a family-owned company serious and invest in the business, in the site at Ettlingen and in its staff members, many of them having worked for Findeisen for many years. Since Findeisen feels bound to these values, it produces its needled carpets exclusively in Germany with a focus on sustainability and durability of their products.
However, the company also knows that its reliability bases on change. That is why Findeisen focuses on modern production processes, latest technology and modern design. As the first company of its branch, Findeisen was awarded the „Blue Angel” eco-label for its low-emission needled carpets. Since 2013, the company has also produced a new generation of needled carpets that is predominantly made of renewable raw materials, setting an example for future generations to handle our resources with great care.

Since 2016 the new Flurstück collection with fitted, custom-made rugs has been launched. Each rug can be manufactured individually according to customer specifications.