With its five individual structures, this linoleum Uni collection creates the basis for a genuine, unmistakable and modern floor design. The Marmoleum Cocoa – Slate – Concrete – Piano and Walton looks show an attractive, modern appearance in a variety of forms, giving each room its originality, distinctiveness and clarity. Classic Unis – pure or with a light texture, concrete looks – subtly gray or accentuated in color, new looks – with interspersed cocoa bean shells or embossed surface, this Uni selection offers many options for modern floor designs. Marmoleum, linoleum from Forbo Flooring, is made 100% carbon-neutral. State-of-the-art plant technologies, energy-efficient processes and regenerative energies contribute to conserving resources and improving the CO2 balance in production.

Marmoleum Concrete

This structure combines the cool concrete look with warm colors: Marmoleum Concrete offers 21 neutral gray and beige variants for discreet floor surfaces in a modern ambience. For floor designs with groundbreaking function or for optical surface accentuation, six designs are recommended, for which suitable monochrome highlights are offered. Like all Marmoleum floors (Forbo linoleum), Marmoleum Concrete is manufactured in an environmentally friendly way. Because the flooring contains neither PVC nor chemical softeners, it is also particularly low in emissions – and therefore carries the environmental seal “the Blue Angel” and “Natureplus”.


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