Shadow games create exciting floor designs with different light and dark nuances. This selection allows the strong black and white contrast as well as the play with fine shades in warm beige, gray and beige tones. 12 color variations in different formats allow many varieties.

With Modular, a linoleum floor in planks and tiles is available that combines all the advantages of a natural material with the laying advantages of a modular product variant. The recipe corresponds to that of classic sheet goods with all their known positive properties.

Instead of the jute backing a polyester fleece is used, which provides the necessary flexibility and dimensional stability. This makes Modular the alternative for those who prefer a natural modular and colorful floor finish. The product groups lines – shade – textura – marble – color and slate offer a wide selection for creative, sustainable floor concepts. In addition, combinations with linoleum-sheetings are possible.


Manufacturer’s product description