“Made in Germany” Quality – A clear commitment made in Iserlohn

The family-run company, now in its third generation, was founded in 1950 and has been managed by brothers Andreas and Matthias Dornbracht since the early 1990s. The Dornbracht Group has a worldwide workforce of more than 1000 employees.

Dornbracht is one of the few companies in the sanitation industry where production is entirely ‘Made in Germany’. 90 % of Dornbracht’s suppliers are from Germany, and over 70 % of them from the Southern Westphalia region. Dornbracht sustains the highest standards, delivering manufacturing quality at the highest level with the company paying particular attention to its innovation in production.

“Culturing Life” – cultivating bathroom and kitchen habitats

Since 2013, the brand claim “Culturing Life” has been a motivating thought and action at Dornbracht. It emphasises the company claim of cultivating and enriching bathroom and kitchen habitats in various ways, not just on an aesthetic level, but also holistically. Dornbracht provides a contemporary response to the formative developments of our present and future with specialised products and technologies, epitomised in the Smart Water digital control technology. In addition to demographic developments and the associated demand for safety and comfort, the larger trends towards individualisation and preventive health care have a particularly important role to play.

A question of attitude: sustainability at Dornbracht

The issue of sustainability is also of great concern to Dornbracht, which is why the fittings are from 100 % recyclable materials. In 2012, Dornbracht also switched to using a lead-free copper-zinc alloy for the production of all washbasin and sink fittings. The new type of brass ensures that no lead or nickel can find its way into drinking water. Since 2007, Dornbracht’s products have regularly produced wastewater of under half the prescribed limit. Electroplating technology developed in-house has reduced water consumption by 70 %.

To encourage a responsible approach to water use and to take into account consumers’ increased environmental awareness, Dornbracht is one of those participating in the launch of the “WELL” Water Efficiency Label initiative. This is a voluntary classification system from the European sanitary valves industry, which hopes, ultimately, to become an established European standard. Together with other leading representatives of the German sanitary industry, Dornbracht is also committed to the “Blue Responsibility” initiative that encourages more efficient use of drinking water use and the use of eco-friendly materials.

Website: https://www.dornbracht.com/