Bark Cloth goes BARKTEX®

BARKTEX® is made from the traditionally manufactured bark cloth.

Through a variety of textile, wood, leather and polymer technology, it undergoes a metamorphosis that makes it even more beautiful (BARKTEX®_aesthetics) and/or gives it additional functions (BARKTEX®_functionals).

Many of these processes take place in our manufactory in Uganda – using additives which are strictly either self-made or produced in Germany. Thus, a maximum value is generated on the spot and income is generated in a structurally weak region. We can therefore offer the extremely labor-intensive semi-finished products at a fair price-performance ratio for everyone involved: the customers, the employees and ourselves.

Some of the products are finished in Germany either by commission processing or in our studio. This Ugandan-German double-track approach creates flexibility and reliability. Most of the BARKTEX® specialties are permanently available from our warehouse in Germany. Others are tailor-made according to your requirements.

The architectural office GRAFT uses BARKTEX® aesthetics_ivory_0303 for a loft in Hamburg.

Discover a unique material

Each piece is an exquisitely handcrafted individual

Designers and architects value the expressive character, unique texture and sensual tactility of the bark cloth tree bark fleece. Depending on lighting conditions, angle of viewing, finishing, and temperament of its producer the soft, moldable cloth changes from the supple, but robust charm of leather to the translucent and graceful lightness of filmy fleeces.

“The allure of this exceptional material comes from its inimitable structure and the fascinating game played between ancient authenticity and state-of-the-art finishes and uses… It is ideal to serve for products and architectural projects where individuality plays a central role”

Humberto Campana

Pure and real, thousands of years old, though ahead of its time, it concentrates style and design down to the bare essentials. For whichever application, you are sure to use a unique masterpiece.

Use of BARKTEX® MilkyWay_0801 in a bakery.

Fascination of nature

Bark Cloth tree bark fleece, a textile without any additives.

Exactly one cloth is created from the bark of one tree. The harvesting of the bark and its subsequent processing are carried out exclusively by handwork. Only if trained hands were at work during harvest and processing, can we offer nature in perfection. For not everyone is master of the great art of tree peeling and the ancient, traditionally handed down knowledge of bark processing.

Use of BARKTEX® Stripes’n’Sprinkles_0810 at the Nando’s Restaurant in Dundee, Scotland

In contrast to most other nature-based solutions available on market, this so-called monomaterial does not contain any binders, dyes or other additives. It contains the bark fiber only, which is chemically broken down to cellulose, hemicellulose, tannins and traces of minerals.

On the production side, each square meter of Bark Cloth requires less than one liter of water.  Since it is produced with muscle power only, and since the basic metabolic rate of a hard working man is only slightly higher than the metabolic rate of a man, resting lazy in a hammock, its production is CO2 – neutral. And if the natural CO2 – binding effect of Mutuba trees is included in the carbon footprint, Bark Cloth manufacturing is even CO2 – positive. No other textile offers such a favorable eco balance.

Retail Design:  Use of BARKTEX® Natural_colors_0411 in the men fashion house Eckerle in Munich.

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