High-quality floorboards for modern architecture

Douglas fir is one of the hardest native coniferous wood. This makes it extremely endurable and very well suited for use as flooring.

The Douglas is a majestic tree: pur natur produces floorboards with up to 15 meters in length and 45 cm width. All pur natur floorboards are fully compatible with underfloor heating.

The surface is leached and oiled or soaped for individual optics from light via rosé-coloured to red-brown.

Quality & Origin

For pur natur, quality begins, when company founder Ruthard Männle personally chooses the trees. The manufacturing process requires years of experience, precise technology and handcrafting for finishing to make our products beautifully looking, healthy and lasting an entire life.

Pur natur does not only guarantee sustainability but proofs it with the first proof of origin for floorboards worldwide. Upon request, the exact geographic data of the place where your floor stood, can be shaped into the floorboards.


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