The Acapulco chair originates from Mexico, and is a handcrafted cult product, which has achieved worldwide fame.

The Acapulco chair has a glamourous story

After the Cuban revolution Acapulco, on the Mexican pacific coast, became the holiday resort for the rich and famous. Between 1960 and 1980 it was a hotspot for jetsetters and celebrities. Liz Taylor got married here, Jackie and John Kennedy spent their honey moon in Acapulco and Frank Sinatra spent a lot of time here. In the midst of this golden age the story of the Acapulco chairs begins: legend has it that a French tourist wanted his chair to have the comfort of a hammock. This idea was a starting point for many contemporary designers: under the name Acapulco chair this new kind of chair got nationally famous and loved.

And because many celebrities acquired a liking for the chair, it became an icon of mid century Mexican style.

The Acapulco chair convinces both for outdoor and indoor use

Even today this comfortable chair is considered to be a true design icon, still adhered to the nostalgic glamour of the 1950s and 1960s. The simple and elegant design is now more up to date than ever.

Even though the chair originally was used as an outdoor piece, it more and more finds its way to indoor spaces. No matter where it is placed: in the garden, on the balcony, by the pool, or as a cosy lounge chair to relax in at home – as a modern, laid back furniture piece with sculptural character, the Acapulco chair convinces through its comfort everywhere.

Important aspects of the Acapulco chair: quality, comfort and sustainable production

Something that has risen to such worldwide fame will naturally be copied, duplicated and offered in different variations, quality and price ranges. When choosing an Acapulco chair high quality of workmanship and that of the used materials, high sitting comfort, a sustainable and fair production is what counts.

We have come across a new brand, which revolutionizes the design classic and presents it in a new look.

A new Acapulco chair by Acapulco Design – exciting new variations, enhanced sitting comfort and sustainable production.

Acapulco Design offers the famous lounge chair in many exciting new variations. The new comer brand is the only one on the market with monochrome styles in its portfolio.

Moreover there is one copper-, and one leather variation, and a rocking chair.

One more exclusive advantage is that the chair is bigger than the competitors’ products and therefore a lot comfier.

The chair from Acapulco Design captivates through its outstanding quality: individually selected and combinable, first-class materials, handcrafted in traditional workshops.

The company supervises all of the production steps on-site, and ensures that work conditions are fair for everyone involved: manufacturers, workers and suppliers.