Wandpaneele aus natürlichem Holz

TUOHI is Finnish, meaning the bark of a birch. A lot of the traditional knowhow in managing the birch bark has remained to our day, starting from the loosening the bark from the tree trunks within a very limited time frame around the Finnish Midsummer as well as organizing the collection and storage of the bark for the need of the following year. The raw material we use is recycled and ecological because normally in wood processing industry the birch bark would be wasted. Showroom Finland combines modern technology and innovative design in its TUOHI collection.

The TUOHI wall element is a new kind of surface product for homes and public spaces. Interiors decorated with TUOHI panels are living and organic. The colour tones and patterns are different in every tree trunk. This makes every TUOHI panel unique. Whole walls or smaller areas can be covered. The body of the element consists of 12 mm thick MDF board and the surface is birch bark (white side). All edges come with interlock joints. The elements can be mounted to the wall construction by nails or glued directly to the wall surface.

The birch bark is paper-thin fixed to wooden panels that are glued to the wall or screwed. Dimensions per panel 45 x 45 x 1.5 cm. One unit contains 4 wall panels.

The price for one panel is EUR 82,00 excl. VAT plus shipping cost.
Delivery time approx. 6 – 8 weeks after order confirmation.