The existing buildings from 1904 are situated right in the center of Stuttgart. There are two units in an L-shaped backyard: a freestanding locksmithery and the ground floor of the apartment house next door.

The locksmithery was in use until 2011. The roof collapsed and the remaining walls must be supported. The two units will be connected by a new intermediate building. A spacious loft with an extraordinary atmosphere has been developed and designed by InteriorPark.

Since planning permission is conferred, the realization of the project will start in June and the apartment will be ready for occupation until end of this year.

Existed locksmithery

Referenzen Architektur

Existed main building

The ground floor of the main building has adjacent spaces that will become functional areas with atmosphere. Existing elements will be taken up and developed.

Referenzen Architektur

Start construction works

Completed roof construction

Interior design with clay finish

Photos: Andreas Körner, bildhübsche fotografie and Tina Kammer, InteriorPark.