Interview with lasfera | In our interview serie we ask designer and manufacturer to answer the same 6 questions about their company, their idea about design and sustainability and what is important for them.

Following the answers from the Founder and Managing Director Henri Garbers.

About lasfera

Artisanal products have a history – and they tell a story: the story of craftsmanship, which they originate. In the furniture and home accessories from lasfera traditional, regionally based craft techniques, modern European-oriented design and advanced technology come together with the idea of sustainability.

As designers, we do not only design the product: we develop together with the craftsman the new product from the beginning to the end. All this has consequences for society and the environment – and therefore we consider all that when designing our products.

What is sustainable about your products?

From the outset, we have set ourselves the goal of designing, manufacturing and shipping our products as sustainably as possible. Most of the resources required can be saved from the outset. In addition to material selection, the production is in our focus. As an example, the production of the MOOLIN luminaire. The blending of the bamboo strips is used to heat the water which is used to bend the bamboo stripes under steam. This enables resource-saving and mono material production

Which are the 3 most suitable adjectives to describe this and why?

lateral thinking



What is the secret to your success?

A solution based fulfillment of the needs of our customers.

What is it you like about InteriorPark.?

We are very happy to work with InteriorPark., as this platform stands for similar values and helps us to carry them to our target group.

What is good design?

The development of resource-saving, user-friendly problem solvers.

What are the greatest challenges for design in future?

Even we have recognized that a product which is only “beautiful”, has little to no empowerment. For this reason, the following question is of paramount importance.

“Does the future product fulfill the desired target group?” In an honest case, the development and manufacture of lasfera is done. Thus, elaborate development and production of “useless” products are eliminated. Our confirmation of this approach can be found in the CUBE product.

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