Timantti is a very sophisticated design. The subtle diamond pattern is formed by light and shadow. This thick and soft rug will give any home an atmospehere of serenity.

Custom handmade rugs of highest quality have been ANKI’s passion since 1968. Founded in the small village of Kaavi in northeastern Finland, the company still takes pride in offering a sustainable alternative for our customers.

ANKI wants their customers to be able to enjoy the feel of unique custom-made quality at home. All rugs are made to order and tailored to the customers individual wishes.

ANKI’s Design Tool

Release your creativity and become the designer of your own unique rug. ANKI developed this design tool for their customers and interior designers to ease the selection between rug designs. To use the Design tool is very simple.

Direct link to the Design Tool: http://www.ankirugs.com/rugtool

Quality & Materials

The quality is based on pure natural materials, mostly pre-consumer recycled materials, classical design and weaving that has been done skillfully and carefully. Being natural is a higly appreciated value. They avoid using unnecessary chemicals and synthetic materials. This means for example that all rugs don’t have a plastic or rubber undercoating, but they can be used any side up. They are easily cleaned with just water and soap. Drycleaning is not necessary, it’s not even recommended.

The entire collection of traditional rugs are made in Finland by skilled artisans. This is the way ANKI can personally guarantee the high level of quality and ethical production.


Website: http://www.ankirugs.com/