Seamless felted wool stone poufs made in 100% from natural Merino wool.

Just as a stone in nature each pouf is unique. All our poufs and pillows are handmade by our own technology of felting. fivetimesone take great care to every single detail of the pattern.

The filling is a shaped polyester fibers, ensuring high flexibility and long-term usage.

Wool, as a natural raw material is durable, insulates against the cold, is hypoallergenic. Breathes and does not accept dirt.

Cleaning: Dirty place should be moistened with lukewarm water. Then remove the contaminated water and press dry with a soft cloth.

New colors in beige and brown & new sizes!

Round poufs

S 67 x 57 x H17 cm
M 55 x 45 x H 30 cm
L 65 x 55 x H 38

Triangle poufs

S 67 x 57 x H 17 cm
M 55 x 45 x H 30 cm
L 65 x 55 x H 38 cm

Find the entire stone pouf collection at fivetimesone.