@aroma is an international service company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan which offers a wide range of natural aromas for designing comfortable spaces. Since established in 1998, we have worked on “aroma space design” in more than 2,000 public spaces such as commercial facilities and hotels nationwide. Due to our many years of experience in the aroma space design field, @aroma is now expanding and offering our services worldwide.

“aroma space design”  is a  new approach for creating a comfortable space taking advantages of the benefits to body, mind and environment by the combination of  “aromatherapy” and “space design”.

It is not only to scent a room depending on clients’ needs but also to match situations and interiors for enhancing a comfortable atmosphere just like a back-ground music. The quality of our scents is here unique.

@aroma oils are made from 100% natural raw materials. The company appreciates the inherent qualities of natural fragrance, extracts its latent powers and uses them to make our living spaces more comfortable and attractive.

With a wide range of diffuser, scents and services the company can cover all needs for olfactory interior design.


Website: http://www.at-aroma.com
Contact: info@at-aroma.de


Directly to the product range

Professional Diffuser ‚All in One‘
… portable or wall-mounted diffuser for professional use e.g. in retail, hotels or offices

Professional Diffuser ‚Select‘
… due to the separation of pump unit and scent-diffusing atomizer this diffuser could be installed in air conditiong systems or special facilities

Diffuser Squair
… compact, portable and elegant scent-diffusing atomizer for flexible private use

Essential Oils
… 4 series made of 100 % natural essential oils extracted from flowers, leaves, trees, and fruits

Aroma Branch
… aroma branch diffuser gently emits the scent through branches and adds flair to your space

… classic sticks that absorb the oil and gently swells the scent through the air