Design Concept

Located in the center of Stuttgart, Germany, the historic character and ruinous conditions of the existing buildings were striking. While celebrating the authentic workshop character and history of the buildings the goal of their connection was to develop a spacious contemporary apartment with an extraordinary atmosphere. The reinterpretation was realized with authentic natural materials to create an individual feel-good oasis within an urban surrounding.

Two atmospheric buildings were part of a former locksmithery, now connected by an intermediated building. Due to building regulations the structure and layout could not be modified. Embracing the past of the buildings, a visual discourse between new and old is realized by using natural and sustainable materials along with restored Elements.


The remains of the building are located in a densely populated area and were in very bad conditions. The roof had collapsed and walls were securely supported. Due to building regulations the protection of the existing structure includes the complete reuse. The construction period required a sensitive approach in relation to the existing structure to avoid the danger of collapsing and loosing the building permit.

Natural materials like clay, chalk paint, wood fiber insulation and linoleum were used to ensure a healthy indoor environment. Existing historical door elements were restored and relocated. High-Quality fittings, doorhandles, switches and sockets are all made in Germany. Douglas floorboards used for flooring and kitchen counter comes from local sustainable forestry from the Black Forest. Windows with natural, oiled oak frames are produced by local craftsmen.


Clay plaster: CLAYTEC e. K.
Door and window handles: FSB | Franz Schneider Brakel GmbH & Co.
Fittings: Dornbracht | Aloys F. Dornbracht GmbH & Co. KG
Timber: purnatur | pur natur Holzprodukte Ruthard Männle e. K.
Linoleum: Marmoleum Concrete| Forbo Flooring GmbH

Thanks to Stefanie Larson, finecraft for product consulting tiles, bath ceramics and wall lights.

Photos © Andreas Körner, bildhübsche fotografie


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