Findeisen is a family-owned company from Baden – and proud of that.

Our staff members are specialists coming from Baden, Württemberg, from many other parts of Germany, Alsace, and the whole world. Every square meter of needled carpet leaving our factory was made in Ettlingen: from fibre mixing – which is like mixing special ingredients for baking cakes – over the carding machine – wherein a first step of needled carpet is made from loose fibres – to the proper needling. Needle boards are books with seven seals: On a board approx. 2.30 m long and 0.30 m wide, approx. 6,000 needles matched to the quality to be produced ensure optimum impression.


Live sustainably: a top priority for FINDEISEN and its needled carpets. Besides the certificates – Blue Angel, GuT, membership in the DGNB -German Sustainable Building Council, GreenLabel Plus – which our company takes for granted by now, it is production exclusively in Germany, optimized logistics, and extreme durability of our needled carpets that matter here.

„Green” pioneer of the flooring business: FINDEISEN. Since FINDEISEN started to manufacture needled carpets in the 1970ies already, the substrate has entirely been made of recycling fibres. Besides all relevant certifications, in early 2013 we also presented the first needled carpet which is mainly made of renewable raw materials: FINETT SOLID green.