Interview with natur² | In our interview serie we ask designer and manufacturer to answer the same 6 questions about their company, their idea about design and sustainability and what is important for them.

Following the answers from Lena Peter, founder of natur² in Frankfurt.

About natur²

The fell of animals is basically the very first carpet of us humans. And still today, nomads use fell and leather pieces as constructional parts for their homes.

These many thousand years of cultural history have inspired natur² to produce carpets which gives the user a sense for their origins. The use and preservation of traditional handcraft forms the basis of their works.

What is sustainable about your products?

The production, as well as the products themselves. We are talking about fell and leather. Both are preserved during the tanning process, and that is the one being sustainable. The tanning process is only done with natural products and surely without any chrome. The tanning plants with whom we work together are family business for years: simple structures, local suppliers of raw materials and most important, the skins do not come from mass husbandry, but also from local farmers who only provide for the Region.

The production, of course, also takes place in Germany. And that even though the saddlery trade is about to go distinct in Germany.

But: there are still those tanners and saddlers who work their handcraft with all their heart , and we love to tell share stories.

Which are the most suitable 3 adjectives to describe your sustainable work, and why?

Sustainable products are rare, and that is what makes them so special and interesting.

Time and again we find that people do actually forget what raw materials look like and which properties they have.

Yes, German cattle do get a winter skin which has long and dense hair, different to the cattle from South America. But since you cannot, to what I know of, trade with German fell, the comparison is surprising to most.

The skin is also not only 1.6mm thick, but 4, if not layers of leather are removed before selling the product. Also, leather is not brown, but pink – that really astonishes everyone.

To look after you environment, means much more than to just look that you are not polluting it. It also means, to work with local suppliers who support social structures. If this is done properly, the end product surely benefits.

What is the secret to your success?

I believe, its two things.

First: we provide excellent quality, because we work with professionals, who know their craft very well.

Second: we are authentic. All I am telling you is real. The animals really come from local farms and we really only work with natural products.

We personally look after and manage everything and I believe this personal contact makes a big difference.

This means, you just have to accept if the tanner is moaning because you called him in his lunch break.

We are the mediator between the architect, the client and the craftspeople, who aim to always achieve the best result.

What is it you like about InteriorPark.?

InteriorPark. chooses carefully and brings talented, thoughtful designers together with sophisticated clients.

With the extend of options we have, it is good to have companies such as InteriorPark. whom the client can trust, because they monitor sustainability and quality.

What is good design?

Nature is a exzellent designer. All we have to do, is actually to highlight and bring the attention to the beautiful details.

The most beautiful table is a solid, wooden block and the most beautiful carpet is a natural fell. I am aware that there are different opinions about this 😉

What is the biggest challenge for design in future?

We need those people who want to know about what a product is made of, and how it is made.

To differentiate sustainable products with a god design from those with only a good design is difficult. Good design can be copied, sustainability not.

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