The essential oils of @aroma are 100% pure and natural. @aroma’s belief towards scents is ‚nature as it is‘ and that belief is carried from developing the aroma products to designing the individual and public spaces.

The essential oils are extracted from various kinds of flowers, leaves, trees and fruits, then blended  by our designers, to maximize the functionality and effectiveness of the pure natural oils. @aroma has carefully selected high quality suppliers from all over the world for each ingredient.

It is not only to scent a room depending on clients’ needs but also to match situations and interiors for enhancing a comfortable atmosphere just like a back-ground music. The quality of our scents is here unique.

Manufacturer’s product description

Four series of essential oil blends

Botanical Air

… is a collection of aroma oils simply blended to fully reveal the attractive original scents of the plants.

Clean Air

This collection focuses on the functional effects of scents, using aroma oils for purifying the air etc. The scents from these aroma oils also are comforting to the senses.

Design Air

… is a collection of aroma oils, which enable to choose unique, and natural scents to express certain situations and feelings.

Supplement Air

… is a collection of aroma oils to strengthen body and soul.