A tree lives. In several decades, a sprout becomes an impressive giant. It braves storms, survives dry periods and stands through huge masses of snow. It perfectly adapts to its environment and is perfect in itself.

At pur natur, we have recognized this and have made a respectful relationship with nature, while also putting its resources at the highest priority. For this reason, we do not enhance performance by using chemical additives or treatments. We see the potential of our natural resources and want to make it usable in a gentle way, in the form of aesthetic, high quality and durable products. »Durable« does not just mean stable. It also means sustainable. Those who direct their attention to sustainability will obtain long-term effects.

Simply leave nature as it is.

Starting at the forest, with raw materials and processing, until the final product, pur natur makes sure that naturalness is preserved and respected. We also do not use chemical additives. We look for sustainable installation and removal, as well as sustainable and gentle finishing. We appreciate and respect the natural character and the properties of the raw materials and products. We sincerely try not deny this for own sake or to disobey and ignore it.