Interview with @aroma | In our interview serie we ask designer and manufacturer to answer the same 6 questions about their company, their idea about design and sustainability and what is important for them.

Following the answers from Solveig Kirch, Sales & Marketing, at @aroma from Tokyo at Berlin’s subsidiary.

About @aroma

@aroma is an international service company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan which offers a wide range of natural aromas for designing comfortable spaces. Since established in 1998, we have worked on “aroma space design” in more than 2,000 public spaces such as commercial facilities and hotels nationwide. Due to our many years of experience in the aroma space design field, @aroma is now expanding and offering our services worldwide.

“aroma space design” is a new approach for creating a comfortable space taking advantages of the benefits to body, mind and environment by the combination of “aromatherapy” and “space design”. It is not only to scent a room depending on clients’ needs but also to match situations and interiors for enhancing a comfortable atmosphere just like a back-ground music. The quality of our scents is here unique.

What is sustainable about your products?

@aroma are specialists in scent creation for use in interior environments and brand communication projects.

Essential oils – 100% pure natural

We only use 100% pure and natural essential oils in our scents and follow a holistic approach. All essential oils are extracted from plant materials such as flowers, leaves, trees and fruits. These are then blended by our in-house scent designers to maximize the functionality and effectiveness of 100% natural oils.

Demanding the highest levels of safety and quality, we carefully source the raw materials from all over the world.

Natural scents create, through their complex combination of ingredients compared to synthetic scents, a softer impression. Only a creation of 100% natural essential oils, carefully blended for a specific aroma, can create the ultimate aroma experience.

Air Purifying

When conventional methods have been unsuccessful, the use of essential oils can help to improve the quality of air.

The use of natural essential oils improves the quality of the air we breathe significantly. Air enriched with natural scent can improve the people’s well-being during the stay in rooms.In addition, many of our blends have a natural antibacterial and antiviral effect.

Devices: Professional Diffuser

Our product range is notable for the consistently high quality of our devices and the fertility of our scents.  Due to the kind of nebulization the consumption is relatively low and the impact of the natural aroma can be enhanced to its full potential.

Which are the 3 most suitable adjectives to describe this and why?

100% natural: All of our blends are made of 100% natural essential oils. Some of them are also bio certificated. This bio organic oils range will be expanded in the near future.

effective: Our scents have a direct impact on the limbic system. They have been proven to positively affect the atmosphere of our environment and individual well-being.

The air in a room can be improved with purifying substances. With some of our scents, the temperature in a space can be perceived higher or lower than it actually is. This can help to reduce the amount of energy used to heat up or cool a space.

timeless: The timeless and simple design as well as the reliable nature of our devices all aim at a long life span of the products, beyond the current trends of the modern throwaway society, both in aesthetics and functionality.

What is the secret to your success?

Our formula for success: 100% pure nature and many years of experience.

The effect of aroma unfolds only through purely natural plant extracts such as flowers, woods or citrus fruits. If we smell a mint scent we feel instantly refreshed. With a lavender scent we feel more relaxed. These properties of natural fragrances can be used selectively for different rooms and situations.Knowing this and having many years of expertise, we are able to implement very specific scents.We work honestly and reliable. Our motivation is to create a perfect space where our customers can enjoy the influence of nature.

What is it you like about InteriorPark.?

The personal contact between @aroma and InteriorPark is very friendly and we appreciate how consequently the team of InteriorPark is pursuing sustainability in architecture and design. In doing so, the two well-intentioned founders rely above all on quality, not quantity, when acquiring suitable partners.

What is good design?

Olfactory is the first of our senses to develop and is a highly sophisticated system. It is inherent in learning, understanding and recognition. We are instinctively and subconsciously drawn to scents we find attractive and are repulsed by those we don’t.

For thousands of years we have been bringing scents into our homes and places of work simply because we like them and want to create a more enjoyable atmosphere.

Of the senses, olfaction is the most successful at triggering emotions and memories.

This is because of the unique and direct connection between the olfactory bulb in the nose and the two areas in the brain that are strongly implicated in emotion and memory: the amygdala and hippocampus.

Therefore strategic application of scent within the design process opens another, deeper level of communication engaging people more fully.

What are the greatest challenges for design in future?

We would like to emphasize the human interaction in our approach, not only the product or technique itself.

It’s essential for us to focus on the experience, the emotions and the client’s wellbeing.

We also would like to integrate the latest technology in our scent systems to increase the user friendliness.

To make our devices more responsive and controllable, e.g. with voice recognition or remote adjustment of the intensity of the scent level.


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