Interview with ANKI | In our interview serie we ask designer and manufacturer to answer the same 6 questions about their company, their idea about design and sustainability and what is important for them.

Following the answers from Tuomas Tiitinen, Head of Sales & Marketing at ANKI.

About ANKI

Custom handmade rugs of highest quality have been ANKI’s passion since 1968. Founded in the small village of Kaavi in northeastern Finland, the company still takes pride in offering a sustainable alternative for our customers.

ANKI wants their customers to be able to enjoy the feel of unique custom-made quality at home. All rugs are made to order and tailored to the customers individual wishes. ANKI wants to be an inspiring choice for interior design and envinronmentally conscious living.

What is sustainable about your products?

The first thing we always mention is quality. High quality products withstand decades of use, so you don’t need to replace them. It’s very encouraging that the younger generation has started to recognize quality products and understand how important it is to have high quality.

Which are the 3 most suitable adjectives to describe this and why?

Durable, both in aesthetics and materials. Warm, our rugs give your home a certain feeling. And for the third: Touching, we want you to form a personal relationship with our products and our company.

What is the secret to your success?

There could be many reasons why ANKI is still in business after all these decades. We have had the ability to fulfill our customer’s needs. Also we have had good people both running the business and working on our products. Positive mindset is always important. We support one another, this is a team effort.

What is it you like about InteriorPark.?

The best part of ANKIs collaboration with InteriorPark is that we share the same values. We both understand the world of luxury as being green. It’s important that one works with people that are on the same level when it comes to business ethics and the forward looking vision.

What is good design?

Good design improves the quality of life. And quality can manifest in many different ways. Some people enjoy emotional wellbeing that comes with beauty and visual appearance, others look for functionality or sustainability. Good design isn’t something you consume, but something that gives your everyday life a positive feeling.

What are the greatest challenges for design in future?

The world is filling up on different messages and new forms of communication. This is a challenge for design businesses. How to communicate your designs, ideas and values to the world? It’s hard to survive by just being real and honest.

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