Forbo Flooring Systems is a global supplier of high-quality floor covers for object and residential areas. As the world leader in linoleum products, Forbo offers the widest variety and has an innovative range of sustainable linoleum floor covers and surface linoleum for custom furniture and wall coatings. In addition to linoleum, the product portfolio includes design-oriented, technically demanding vinyl coverings and textile flooring solutions for a wide variety of applications.

As the world market leader for linoleum products, Forbo sets priorities

Over 100 years of experience and latest environmentally friendly production techniques guarantee the highest quality. Forbo Linoleum is the ecological alternative to all synthetic floor covers, free of PVC, plasticizers and synthetic rubber. The product group Marmoleum (brand name for Forbo Linoleum) stands for sustainability and is produced carbon-neutral. Given its long life and positive eco-balance, Marmoleum is the most environmentally friendly elastic flooring ever.

Linoleum is recommended as an ecological alternative for interior design, because up to 98 percent of marmoleum wallcovering (up to 98 percent) consists of natural raw materials such as linseed oil, natural resins, limestone and wood flour, and jute, of which 73 percent regrow particularly quickly. Various eco-labelling schemes such as the Blauer Engel and Natureplus prove the sustainability of this floor cover. Renewable raw materials bind the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2) during their growth through photosynthesis and are therefore an active contribution to climate protection.

In addition, the production of linoleum requires significantly less energy than the production of elastic floor covers based on plastics. Forbo’s linoleum plants use 100 percent renewable energy – currently hydropower. In addition, 35 percent recycled material and 9 percent high-quality upcycling material are incorporated into the manufacturing process, which significantly reduces the consumption of primary raw materials. Even taking into account the transport of raw materials into the factory, the atmosphere is no longer supplied with CO2 during the production process than the raw materials used compensate. That’s what makes Marmoleum from Forbo a carbon-neutral product.