Unique Rugs

We enjoy experimenting. With colours and shapes, with materials and patterns. This is why FLURSTÜCK, sometimes, is so specific that it does not fit into any collection. Understanding and living with our unique rugs require readiness to take a more relaxed view of things.


»Carpets make you aware of the floor and make the room bigger«, says the designer Dirk Biotto. »Berlin_2016/1« is the first collection and, thus, the launch of Findeisen’s FLURSTÜCK manufacture in Ettlingen: High-quality fiber-based felt made into clear and stand – alone rugs.

FLURSTUCK rugs may be provided as collection or as entirely individual designs: You may choose among 69 colours. Standard sizes are 2×3 or 3×4 metres and round shapes of up to 4.50 m. Special sizes on request. Borders are variable as well.

Sizes, Colours, Borders


Flurstück is available in various sizes and shapes. Standard sizes are 2 x 3 and 3 x 4 metres; in addition, they can be provided as round rugs up to a diameter of 4.5 metres. Special sizes and shapes can also be supplied. Just ask us.


Choose your favourites among a wide range of colours and combine them just as you like: rich colours and soft shades, great contrasts or matching shades – we shall be pleased to assist you in composing your personal rug.


Needled carpets never fray, this is why FLURSTÜCK is available without borders as well as with ornamental bands, decorative seams or turn-ups, in leather, alcantara or cotton. Materials and colours are further developed continuously – feel free to ask us.

FLURSTÜCKE are made of fine-fibre felt. These 100 % polyamide textile carpets are especially suited for heavy-traffic rooms. They are extremely long-lasting and wear-resistant and, nevertheless, appreciate moderate care.

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