fivetimesone is a design studio and brand formed in 2009 by the Poplawski family. They love simplicity and nature, their focus is to make beautiful, timeless and unique objects with strong identities.

All objects are designed and hand crafted in Poland.

As a family of five they come up with different experiences and knowledge from fields of product design, sustainable technology, fine arts and art theory to architecture. Their various views and widely spread specializations result in an extensive research on human needs, both aesthetic and functionality. What leads them is simplicity, beauty, function and sustainability, as much as a need of nature’s presence in everyday life.

fivetimesone Manifesto

In a world full of temporary and accidental objects we aim to design well-crafted products which, thanks to their strength of expression, mark the presence and move senses, at the same time perfectly harmonizing with the surrounding.

With respect, care and sensitivity towards nature and our clients, we do our best to create products in accordance with our values, building on the principles of fair-trade. We use high quality materials as a way of reducing our environmental footprint.

Our products are authentic and individual, coming from our workshop where they are handmade by craftsmen. Our way of working is an active response to the speed of the global market and the environmental situation.

Process of making

fivetimesone products have a story. All of them are made by hand, by the team itself and by local craftsmen in their workshop in the north of Poland.

Combining traditional European craftsmanship with new ways of sustainable design they created their own technology of felting which allowed them to make unique and unrepeatable textiles.

They use natural, organic and certified raw materials like anti-allergic, stain- and fire resistant wool and pure silk. They take great care of the technology to keep the best quality and let the product serve for years.

The quality of our woolen products was certified by Campaign For Wool. fivetimesone received a certificate and confirmation by the Prince of Wales. More details