Why sustainable design?

The term sustainability is in fact on everyone’s lips and often used in an inflationary manner. One is left with the impression that everything can be sustainable. In fact sustainable developments have an enormous potential both reduced environmental impacts as well as decreasing use of resources as well as quality and healthy products.

Savings potential: 90 %

Designer plays a central role since 90% of the energy use associated with a product’s production and consumption is already determined in the plans made by the designers. They are designing things that we use in future. Beside aspects of functionality, business efficiency and aesthetics

Our professional team of curators examine the products according to our own criteria that reflect background, production processes and used materials. In order to ensure the best transparency we have developed our own eco criterias. All InteriorPark. products meet ethical and sustainable requirements.

Our expertise, obtained over many years of experience, is available for lectures and workshops.


All InteriorPark. products meet ethical and sustainable requirements.We understand sustainability as an enrichment of our creative work with future orientated concepts in architecture and communication. In cooperation with manufacturers and organizations, we actively deal with the issues of “sustainability” and encourage further development. The number of designers, manufacturers und brands that deal with the criteria of sustainability is rising. InteriorPark. introduces a hand-picked selection of the most innovative designers and brands.