On our platform we have selected building application products for ceilings, walls and flooring that have one thing in common: they are sustainable. For us, this means that they have an environmentally conscious handling of resources in the production and consumption. Natural and alternative ingredients have a positive effect on the indoor air quality and provide a healthy room climate.

An optimal indoor climate – essential for healthy buildings

Whether at home, at work, or at school, we’re spending 80-90% of our lives in buildings. Therefore the indoor air quality is crucial to a healthy indoor environment and to our well-being. The terms „Green Architecture“ and „Green Building“ are on everyone’s lips – nevertheless too little attention is still being paid to this topic in the planning process of many buildings.

We at InteriorPark. think that our interior spaces need to be optimized. They need to be healthy and sustainable. Healthy interiors are defined through the materials used for ceiling, wall and flooring, as well as through furniture and home accessories.

Particularly in energy efficient buildings, we need a good indoor air quality

Construction products and furniture often include harmful substances which can pass into the air. We can frequently notice that by an unpleasant smell of e.g. new furniture. These “indoor toxins” can influence our health and even lead to the so called “Sick Building Syndrom”.

Energy efficient buildings can considerably reduce unnecessary consumption of energy. Nevertheless the disadvantage with regard to the room air is, that the thick walls of these buildings prevent pollutants from escaping. Reason enough to equip houses right from the start with natural materials, e.g. linoleum or clay, and create eco-friendly homes.

InteriorPark. sets the benchmark

All of our products are handpicked and curated by our team of architects and sustainability experts:

On our online-platform we present selected building application products for ceilings, walls and flooring as well as furniture and home accessoires that have one thing in common: they are sustainable. All products meet ethical, sustainable and environmental requirements.

The terms „sustainable architecture“ and „green architecture“ mean more to us than just talking about it. We offer orientation due to our selection of furniture and construction products that meet clear and transparent criteria: With our handpicked products, building environmental friendly homes becomes feasible.

Our consulting is from passion and with clear principles
If you are an architect, interior designer, from a business unit like Facility Management or responsible for strategic real estate development or a private building owner

Sustainable architecture and healthy indoor environments

private building owner, an architect or if you are simply interested in the topic sustainable architecture and healthy indoor climate we are pleased to offer you a handpicked selection for your individual requirements.