Interview with pur natur | In our interview serie we ask designer and manufacturer to answer the same 6 questions about their company, their idea about design and sustainability and what is important for them.

Following the answers from Steffen Männle, Head of Sales and Marketing at pur natur based in the Black Forest in Germany.

About pur natur

pur natur is an ambitious family business located in the Black Forest. Since the company was founded in 1988 by Ruthard Männle, pur natur has been focusing on floorboard of the highest quality. Today, the company is still run by the Männle Family and the 2nd generation has already integrated into the passion.

For pur natur, quality begins, when company founder Ruthard Männle personally chooses the trees. The manufacturing process requires years of experience, precise technology and handcrafting for finishing to make our products beautifully looking, healthy and lasting an entire life.

What is sustainable about your products?

Beginning with the personal choice of trees in native forests until the production process the entire value chain from the raw tree trunk to the finished floorboards lies in our hand. We put high value in sustainable forestry as well as in producing without chemical additives.

Pur nature floorboards – in comparison to many other floors – will last for several generations. That’s the most sustainable value to achieve: ecologically and economically.

Which are the 3 most suitable adjectives to describe this and why?

Authentic” because we manufacture honest and good products. In every single work step we know exactly what we do.

Responsible” because we are aware of our responsibility for human beings and nature.

And last but not least: Just have a look at 15m room length floorboards and you know what is “inspiring” about it.

What is the secret to your success?

We are a family run business with a fantastic team and a clear vision. With great passion for our products we start every day with a special spirit that leads inevitable to success.

What is it you like about InteriorPark.?

The people behind InteriorPark. are really nice, engaged and stand tirelessly for their values.

What is good design?

If architecture and clear space lines are emphasized by customized floorboards without joints.

What are the greatest challenges for design in future?

Sometimes we have the feeling that “design” degenerates and is used inflationarily. Everyone can call itself a designer. Even construction markets present “design products”. It’s definitely a challenge to make design clearly visible and to call it like that. In our opinion design is not only a visual issue but shows a product as a whole that also include aspects like usability and durability. A good friend of ours – a designer – always mentions: “It’s nice because it’s good. And not good, because it’s nice.” Take floors for example: Laminated floors could be nice. But are they good as well? A wooden floor even if it is not flawless but well done will get its own beautiful patina by the time.