The CUBE Planted collection is an eyecatcher, room divider, privacy screen and acoustics optimiser all in one. And as well as all this, it also improves the climate of the space.

The Planted collection can be used as an eyecatcher in the middle of a reception area, as a room divider or privacy screen in large offices, shopping centres and spas, or solely for indoor gardening. Simply put, it can be used everywhere. This ensures maximum flexibility for spatial planning as well as more privacy and comfort for employees, customers or guests:

  • The combination of an individually adjustable growth light, long-term irrigation, a plant and an aesthetic cube not only creates a visual counterpoint, but also sustainably improves the climate of the space.
  • The cubes filter air in offices, salesrooms or display areas to improve humidity. This increases the well-being of employees and guests as they can better concentrate and feel altogether more comfortable.
  • The installations are easy to maintain and use both indoors and outdoors. Even in dark corners, their time control allows them to provide new interior accents.
  • The CUBES are available in different formats and materials. This allows them to be perfectly integrated into any spatial concept and many environments.
  • Due to the clear visual boundary of the given areas, the CUBES become striking design objects. The individual illumination of the plants further strengthens the visual highlight.
  • The integrated acoustic panels also optimise the room acoustics and improve the spatial climate, even in the audio sector.

There different models, materials and dimensions available. Please contact lasfera directly for further application possibilities and details.


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