Experience the depth – Rooms made from clay

Rooms made from clay have character. Their distinguishing features are their natural deep beauty, originality and their sustainable value. You can feel at home in a clay room and enjoy the healthy atmosphere. The lively, open-pored textured surface provides a warm, cosy feel. Clay helps to conserve resources and is more environmentally friendly than almost any other construction material. Clay is the authentic material for old half-timbered houses. Its specific properties give new buildings a very special living quality.

The history of Claytec began in the 1970s. When renovating a historical Fachwerkhof courtyard the now owner of CLAYTEC Peter Breidenbach – he was 15 years old at the time – and his slightly older school friend Ulrich Röhlen – today CLAYTEC’s technology and marketing manager – experimented together for the first time with clay processing for infills and plaster. They did not yet suspect that their work would significantly contribute to clay construction in Germany experiencing a renaissance. Today the CLAYTEC brand represents all solid qualities of clay as a construction material:

Clay regulates humidity, contributing to a healthy room climate.
Clay stores heat and emits it as healthy radiant warmth.
Clay does not emit pollutants.
Clay can be ideally combined with the material wood.
Clay is produced and prepared using little energy.
Clay is easy to process.

Designing with clay

As well as having fantastic physical properties for building, clay materials stand out due to their aesthetic qualities. Discerning home design enthusiasts as well as young families, who attach increased importance on a healthy living environment for the younger generation, swear by YOSIMA clay design plaster for wall design. The historic construction material also impresses in bathroom design: Thanks to the moisture regulating effect of clay plaster, a steamed up mirror is a thing of the past.

The archaic-monolithic impression made by the rammed clay technique provides a unique haptic experience. Combined with contemporary architecture and high-tech materials such as steel and glass, it creates exciting contrasts. The CLAYTEC product portfolio does not only contain materials for surface design and timber framework reconstruction, but also for interior insulation and CLAYTEC ‘s sophisticated product systems developed for drywall construction.

Website: www.claytec.de