The latest trend for acoustic ceiling and wall panels: black! Matt-black surfaces give a sophisticated and very classy appearance to interior spaces. All functional aspects remain 100 % the same. These black panels are suitable for restaurants like to Noma Pop-up in Australia, for bars and public spaces as well as for private living with the certain something.

Even with integrated speakers:

You cannot see that Troldtekt speakers are built into the ceiling, but you can hear them. With traditional, visible, speaker systems in ceilings, the sound is emitted from a few points, often resulting in the experience of high sound pressure close to the speakers which quickly attenuates, becoming weak in the remote corners. It is essential for a good sound experience that the sound reaches every corner.

The classic Troldtekt acoustic panels are the natural ceiling and wall cladding choice for all types of building. The high performance acoustic solutions can be seen everywhere, such as in schools, sports centres swimming pools, offices and public buildings, theatres, hotels and even private homes, in Denmark and around the world.


Troldtekt acoustic solutions for ceilings and walls are internationally known and proven through a wide variety of projects. Made from 100% natural materials, wood and cement, the acoustic panels offer documented sustainable solutions with unique sound-absorbing properties, in any architecture.

The material has a natural resilience and can handle moist environments, while also providing effective fire protection. Troldtekt is a natural product with documented sustainability throughout its entire life cycle.