Why should sustainability in architecture become part of the mainstream? Can environmentally friendly solutions be economical at the same time? Which materials and products really deliver what they promise? And what are the trends and innovations in the development of sustainable living spaces? InteriorPark. offers answers to these and many other related questions.

Our passion are sustainable and recyclable products that improve our living spaces. Out of this inner conviction we promote sustainable developments and take up the enormous global impacts of the building industry like resource scarcity, climate change and human health.

As a leading platform for sustainable interior architecture and circular design, we provide orientation and introduce you to the pioneers of state-of-the-art interiors. We connect project specifications to solutions and network people from all different branches of design. Above all, we strive for a new consciousness in architecture, a new kind of thinking – from the inside to the outside.

InteriorPark. was founded by Andrea Herold and Tina Kammer

Andrea Herold

As a specialist in sustainable design, she oversees the InteriorPark. Online platform and organizes events to initiate an important knowledge transfer on sustainable developments and to network manufacturers with architects.

In workshops she provides a well-founded insight into current market developments and accompanies pioneers of sustainability in their positioning.

Dipl. Ing. Architect
Tina Kammer

As a generalist, she mediates at interfaces where many departments border on each other. She is a source of inspiration and looks beyond the boundaries of  isolated topics. With her diverse experience, she has the talent to show the important connections in our networked and complex world. This makes her a sought-after expert at lectures, as a jury member, in consultations and workshops.

At Studio InteriorPark. she leads the architecture projects with a focus on a healthy indoor climate, sustainable design conception and brand architecture – here she shows the use of natural and circular solutions in practice.